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2019 - May 24th - "Breast Cancer Risk Prediction Models: Which One is Best?"
Breast cancer prediction models
2019 - June 21st - "Implementation of a Cancer Risk Assessment Program"
Barbara Young discusses her experience in creating a cancer Risk assessment program in St. Mary-Corwin in Southern Colorado
2017 - June 30th - "Moderate Risk Breast Cancer Gene Management"
Moderate Risk Breast Cancer Gene Management
2021 - June 25 - A Nurse Practitioner Led Hereditary Cancer Genetic Risk Assessment, Testing, and Counseling Program Implementation in a Rural Setting
Topics Presentation by Maria Victoria Yoes, DNP
2020 - Nov 6th - "PTEN and PTEN Centered Research”
"PTEN and PTEN Centered Research” by Jennifer Mitchell, MSN, MA, RN
2019 - March 8th - "Role of Genetics in Prostate Cancer"
Role of Genetics in Prostate Cancer